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Q: How Can We Help You Navigate This Crazy Market?

Tuesday, August 18, 2020   /   by Kevin Kauffman

Q: How Can We Help You Navigate This Crazy Market?

Today we’ll share some of the strategies we’ve employed to help our clients get into homes in this crazy market.

First, remember that not all agents are the same. A while back, we received 11 offers on a home we were selling—some of them didn’t even have proof of financing, meaning that they were incomplete offers. Only one agent actually called me to find out what was important to the seller. One aspect of writing a good offer is having an experienced, competent agent who can write a complete offer. 

You can also strive to build a rapport with the seller and their agent before writing an offer. Our team writes ‘love letters’ to the sellers of homes our clients are interested in (more recently, we’ve been making ‘love videos’) to establish a more personable relationship with the selling side. We also use escalation clauses to help our clients stay competitive when multiple buyers are pursuing the same home, and we’re able to adjust some of the inspection/contingency periods in the contract by working collaboratively with our lenders.

There are many strategies we can use to help you win, but the most important tip to keep in mind is to always put your best foot forward when writing an offer. You can’t get by with the bare-bones offers that you might have gotten away with a few years ago. However, we promise that when you work with Group 46:10, we’ll go above and beyond what the average agent does for their clients.

For those who want to sell the home that they live in and also buy a new one, you might be concerned about how to go about it. We can help you there, too! We know, based on the market, that your current home will sell very quickly, but the real question is whether you can sell that home and buy a new one at roughly the same time. Some will recommend that you buy the new home before selling your current one, but not everyone can afford to hold two mortgages at once. Regardless of your situation, we’ll put you in touch with the right people to help you devise a path forward. 

So if you’re looking to buy or sell in this crazy market, reach out to Group 46:10 for any real estate questions or needs you may have. We’d love to come up with a strategy that will help you get the home you love.