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Why Fall Is Still a Good Time to Sell

Monday, October 07, 2019   /   by Ross Novotny

Why Fall Is Still a Good Time to Sell

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Though the spring and summer markets do tend to see more activity, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find real estate success in the fall. Today I’ll share three reasons why you shouldn’t discount selling your home this autumn.

Interest rates are falling. This means that homebuyers will qualify for even more money, which in turn means there will be more people able to purchase your home.

There’s less competition. With the business of the holiday season, many people just don’t want to list their homes this time of year. That means there will be fewer homes on the market for yours to compete with, but there are still buyers out there looking for homes.

Our population grows in the winter. Because we have such beautiful weather in Phoenix, we get a lot of winter visitors. In fact, our population actually grows this time of year, which means more people thinking about buying a winter home in the area will be around to see your home.

So if you hear on the news or from friends that the fall is a bad time to sell, don’t listen to them. The numbers show that the late fourth quarter can be a great time for you to list your home and get a great price for it.

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