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Why You Absolutely Should Hire an Agent When Buying New Construction

Friday, November 22, 2019   /   by Kevin Kauffman

Why You Absolutely Should Hire an Agent When Buying New Construction

Do you need an agent when buying new construction? Yes, and here’s why.
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If you plan on buying a new construction home soon, it’s absolutely in your benefit to hire an agent.


Don’t buy into the myth that you’ll save on commission fees if you don’t hire an agent and buy straight from the builder. The builder (i.e., the seller of that home) factors in a commission fee for another agent whether you hire your own agent or not.


The key thing to remember is that representation doesn’t cost you a thing when buying a new construction home. Representation may not feel necessary when previewing new construction homes or when writing the initial purchase contract, but it’s easy to feel all alone during the contract-to-close period if you don’t have an agent by your side. 


Salespeople for new construction homes have a fiduciary responsibility to the builder—not you. That’s why having your own representation is key. 


Here at Group 46:10, we have agents on our team who’ve worked with new construction for many years, and they know all the tricks of the trade. They know when a lot premium may be able to be discounted, or when a spec home has room for negotiation, or when you can ask for more help in terms of closing costs by not using the builder’s lender. There are a lot of negotiation points to consider, but if you don’t have representation, you won’t know about any of them. 


Not only does it not cost you a thing to hire your own agent, but the experience and knowledge they bring to the table will help you save even more. 

If you have any more questions about this or any other real estate topic or you’d like to preview some new construction homes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.